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$43,500 Added Money
plus $160,000 Minimum Added Blue Collar Breeders Main Event!

2023 Ardmore Barrel Futurity

September 21-24, 2023
Hardy Murphy Coliseum • Ardmore, OK
Mark your calendars for Sept 26-29, 2024.  Thanks for your continued support and
we look forward to seeing you next year!

We are excited to have been chosen to host a 2023-24 American Contender Tournament Event for the Central Region.  Entry for the The American includes roll-over to the Saturday 5D and must be done on the BBR Website.

The 2023 Ardmore Barrel Futurity will be offering points for  AQHA classes!  ABF consistantly hosts the largest AQHA Special Event barrel classes in the nation! Classes will run before the Friday, Saturday and Sunday open 5D races.  You must pre-enter in order to run in the AQHA classes.


We are excited to be hosting the 2023 BCB Main Event! It will run as a sidepots to the futurity and the Saturday Open 5D and offers a $150K Added to Futurity horses entered in the 2023 BCB Sidepots ​


The 2023 Ardmore Barrel Futurity will host the BBR Mid-America X-Tra Tour Event!  It will be a $1000 Added BBR Members Only Sidepot on the Sunday Open 5D race.  The entire event will be a Double BBR Points/Qualifier.

Jr Patriot Hooey Logo - 100x100.png

The 2023 Ardmore Barrel Futurity will host a Jr Patriot Qualifier as a sidepot to the Friday night Open 5D race.  Entry in the Jr Patriot Qualifier must be done online at the BBR Website.


The 2023 Ardmore Barrel Futurity will be a WPRA Division Circuit Event!  The Futurity, Derby and each day's Open 5D races will count towards the WPRA Circuit standings!

barrel-2019 - 1230x480.jpg


Schedule & Entry Forms

Competition includes 2-Go Futurity ($20K) on Saturday & Sunday, a Derby ($5K) on Friday and Open 5D races on Friday ($2.5K), Saturday ($7.5K) and Sunday ($7.5K).  AQHA classes, an American Qualifier and BBR X-Tra Tour Sidepot ($1000) and Blue Collar Breeders ($160K) round out the weekend!

Draw & Results

Draw and Results for the 2023 event will be here when available.  Additionally, you can find results for from the 2016 thru 2022 Events.

Rules & Conditions

Here's all the details!  You'll be surprised how many questions will be answered by the information included in the Rules & Conditions.  Not to mention, you agree to and are bound by these terms when you enter the barrel race!!


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